Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Civil Wars

Check out this new mix I just made, available for free downloads! Promoting the upcoming (and return of) Civil Wars in Orlando, FL at The BboySpot. Civil Wars was a series of dope Florida jams dividing the North and South Florida scenes and pitting them against each other. Civil Wars in Jacksonville was actually one of the first jams I went to back in like 2004?

This go around the battle going down is going to be between Houston, TX (Break Free Community Center) vs Orlando, FL (The BboySpot) -- a selection of younger, up-and-coming bboys representing their cities. It'll also have a 2 on 2 battle for an all-expense paid trip to Austria for the Pepsi Circle Industry World Finals. This jam will be dope! Don't miss this if you are in the area!

And now without further adieu the newness!

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