Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Ingredientz Of Flava 2!

Here is the mix that I've been working so hard on these last few months, check out the second collaboration I did with my homie DJ Lean Rock! 60 minutes of dope music in two different styles of flava! We put a lot of time, money, thought, and work into this mix so we hope you guys in enjoy this!

If you would like to support us, you can purchase a copy for $10 which will likely be able to fund us putting them out on physical CDs. Believe it or not, these records cost a lot of money at times, so we definitely appreciate the support! :-)

A lot of people have already reached out and copped a copy so super big thank you to you guys!!

Check the player below, you can stream the entire thing for free as many times as you'd like! A share would be appreciated as well if you feel so inclined. Again, we appreciate your support!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Thanksgiving Leftovers 2012

What up yall! Back again with my yearly mix always dropping on Black Friday.

The very first mix I ever recorded solo was a few years back in 2008 after DJ Basic and I recorded Never Forgive Action 5 (the very first mix I ever did, period). I used a bunch of records that I pulled out for the NFA5 mix but didn't end up using -- so I've been doing this mix every year as a tradition and I pretty much use all records I planned on using on mixes but left off.

Also, I always make this a free, downloadable mix as my way of saying thanks to all of you guys who have supported me! We DJs couldn't be doing this without our audience, so this is all for yall!

Enjoy, download and share! 

Peace and much respect!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tricks 4 Treats!

Yoooo it's been a while since I updated this blog, but check the latest mix I cooked up for an upcoming Halloween jam we're doing in Jacksonville -- mixed together some records that had an eerie/Halloween type vibe! Check the mix below and download it for free!

I've been on the hunt for the last few months to work on some mixes that will drop by the end of the year. Next on the list is The Ingredientz Of Flava 2 with the homie DJ Lean Rock. I also plan to drop another free mix, another mix is in the works with DJ Basic and another project or two I got in the near future that I need to start collecting records for! Whew! Gotta keep it moving, end the year strong, and start the new year even stronger!

I hope to update this blog more often, so for any of my readers still out there, hold tight!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Playdutshet Volume 2

Hitting you guys with back to back full length mixes! This time we concentrated on the funky vocals that often get forgotten when DJs run breaks, so we wanted to highlight them in a mix!

Check it out below and click the "Buy Now" button if you would like to support us and cop a digital copy! Physical CDs will be available soon as well!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Playdutshet Volume 1!

After a long wait, the full length mix from DJ Basic (Little Green Apples) and DJ Sureshot (Tablehogs) is now available online! You can preview the entire mix below, if you want to support and get a copy it's available for purchase for $10, by clicking the Buy Now button below!

Also, check out a quick video I edited to highlight one of the funny skits from this mix! We actually used this idea for the entire basis of Volume 2 which will be dropping tomorrow night (March 14th)!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Civil Wars

Check out this new mix I just made, available for free downloads! Promoting the upcoming (and return of) Civil Wars in Orlando, FL at The BboySpot. Civil Wars was a series of dope Florida jams dividing the North and South Florida scenes and pitting them against each other. Civil Wars in Jacksonville was actually one of the first jams I went to back in like 2004?

This go around the battle going down is going to be between Houston, TX (Break Free Community Center) vs Orlando, FL (The BboySpot) -- a selection of younger, up-and-coming bboys representing their cities. It'll also have a 2 on 2 battle for an all-expense paid trip to Austria for the Pepsi Circle Industry World Finals. This jam will be dope! Don't miss this if you are in the area!

And now without further adieu the newness!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Horsepower Homies!

Check out the latest mix from the Horsepower bbeat crew with mixes from DJ Lean Rock, Jus Jones, Shame, and Kogataroo. 4 sections about about 10 minutes each jam packed with some hard, funky bboy breaks! These guys are the homies and are part of the reason why I DJ -- DJs doing it up the right way! Digging for dope records! Keeping the culture alive!

Definitely check this out and I'm sure you can spot one of them at a jam near you, much respect to the brothas! Killed it on this mix!

Year of the Horse! Vol. 1 (Kogataroo, Lean Rock, Shame, and Jus Jones) by Dj Lean Rock